Youth End Poverty - "Mural of Dreams"


By sylviahammond, 29 September, 2010

This is a message from the Facebook group of Khayelitsha Youth Development Council, which may be of interest to members - either to join, or consider similar activities in their own area.

Lunga Guza sent a message to the members of Khayelitsha Youth Development Council.


Subject: Join us

YOUTH END POVERTY is recruiting for ‘THE MURAL OF DREAMS’, a programme using the visual and performing arts to get young people to think critically about poverty in their communities. We provide the opportunities to young people to develop their skills through becoming anti poverty ambassadors/ activist and raising awareness of poverty and injustice and the needs of young people. This project works with young people from South Africa and Scotland

Who can apply?

The programme is aimed at 16- 18 year old creative young people from Cape Town. Participants should have a passion for the creative arts. These young people do not have to have any community or youth development experience.

What are the application and selection procedures?

Those who are interested must complete an application form below.

What’s in it for you>

• Gain a better understanding of and make a difference in your community, South Africa and the world.

• Help end poverty locally, nationally and internationally.

• Enhance your leadership qualities, gain and better your creative arts skills. Become more employable.

• Develop a deeper understanding of poverty, community development and social action.

• Meet a diverse range of people and make new friends.

• Personal growth and opportunities for your future as well as making a meaningful difference to your community.

contact us: by no later than Friday 01 October 2010. If you require any information regarding the project please contact Yolanda 072 127 7241 or Gillion 072 2771422.