Youth Development Training Event: Study habits and methods


By liezelgrobler, 27 March, 2012

Date event took place:  17 March 2012  

Many children are struggling to memorise schoolwork and with this need in mind a special training was held in order to assist the children with regards to their study habits.

The following topics were addressed: 

  • The importance of studies and completing school – at least Grade 12.
  • Goals in life
  • Study environment
  • Smart study habits
  • Study methods – mind-mapping
  • Attitude towards your work
  • Attitude towards life
  • Rewards
  • Recognition
  • Your best
  • Never give up!


Special attention was given to mindmapping and the children experienced the training as informative and helpful.

20 girls attended a training session in the morning and 20 boys attended the training session in the afternoon.   The presenter, Liezel Grobler - a lecturer from Varsity College, Port Elizabeth, was very dynamic and had the children eating out of her hands.


The importance of learning study skills to support your learning cannot be overemphasized and during the training we noticed how the children came to the realisation that learning can be fun and memorising huge amounts of work is easy and possible.

The aim with the training was to assist the children with attaining techniques and skills that will help them when trying to master learning subjects.  Effective study habits improve memory and assist learners to read and interpret what they have just read.

We believe that the training opened some avenues and methods of studying to the children and we hope to have a follow up event at some point with them.

Yours sincerely

Louise Fourie

Co-ordinating Director