Year End – a time to wind down, reflect and re-charge your batteries

By digibsonsynerg…, 23 November, 2010

I have always said that a trainer’s job is a rather unnatural one. Why? Well consider this… if you and I were working in an office together and I annoyed you, you could choose to ignore me. In a training environment however, the trainer dare not ignore a learner. Neither should the trainer enter into a full blown argument with any delegate. So, by the very nature of our profession, we are expected to be calm, rational, happy, pleasant, jovial, understanding, empathetic etc. We could have left the house in the morning having had a huge argument with our spouse or we could have a huge problem with one of our children, yet the minute we step into the classroom, we put a smile on our faces, shove our problems into the furthest depths of our minds, and carry on training – ensuring that the learner’s experience is as good as those that we trained last week.

It is for this very reason that I love this time of year. A time for me to wind down and reflect on the year which is quickly coming to an end. To look at my achievements in the classroom, or eLearning / material development as well as to look at the mistakes I have made (for true learning takes place by being allowed to make those mistakes and growing from them). It is also a time for me to relax, re-charge my batteries and have quality family time.

As this will be my last post on this blog for 2010, may I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a wonderful festive season. I challenge each and every one of you to go out and do something you have never done before (or something you never imagined you would be able to do). This need not mean you ought to go bungee jumping off the tallest bridge, it may mean giving a gift to a person less privileged, or go for a massage, or take your son go-karting … go out there and try just one thing you would not normally do – experience change!

Given that we live in this fast-paced, ever changing world, how many of us truly know just how to relax? Enjoy today as if it were your last! Laugh like you have never laughed before, dance like you have never danced before and live life for the moment!

Have an awesome Christmas … and I will see you all again in 2011 – relaxed, re-charged and with interesting stories to tell about the one thing you did which you would not normally have done!

I have a strong feeling that 2011 will be our best year ever!

From everyone at Synergy Learning Solutions, I bid you farewell then until the new year!



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