Work Readiness Programme for the unemployed

By molefisegoe, 2 February, 2012

Inspired - Vision is a Youth Empowerment Initiative which focus on empowering young people with skills that will make them to be employable. The Work Readiness Project is a 3 weeks project that mainly focusses on the following key modules: - Lifeskills: Personal branding & Awareness & Interview Skills(5days) - Clustered Skills Programmes: We offer them 3 skills programme that will give them an entry level in the job market (10 days). This initiative is developed as an added catalyst on making sure that our youth do not idle after completing their matric as many do not have the necessary support to further their studies or improve their academic standards and rely on getting employed to enable them to further their education. Through the Inspired-Vision Initiative,many of the candidates will be able to acquire skills that will make them employable by employers looking at the skills they are going to gain from the programme. For more information on the programme or interested in the programme, just send us an email: [email protected], and we will send you the required information including our assessment form to complete.



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