WOMEN’s COMMON DISEASES and SOLUTIONS: Book by Dr John C. Mbuya and Dr Steven W. Gunn


By drjohnmbuya, 17 March, 2010

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of the most common diseases that trouble women all over the world and mother nature’s solution to each one
of them. The book is a do-it-yourself, risk free analysis and solution for all

women at all ages. This timeless research and solution has been tested again and

again since 500 BC. Our knowledge of diseases have increased but the solutions

to the diseases have decreased. Women of the 21st century want quick solutions

to every problem. Well this book is not a quick fix solution to your ailing

body. It’s a life changing solution that must be passed from generation to

generation. It’s a health ritual for every intelligent woman. Our bodies were

designed to heal themselves over time given the right input. We have

successfully changed the input into our bodies and the output is sickness. This

book will help you to identify and analyze your diseases and gives you the

solution in terms of input that will give you permanent good health for the

rest of your life.