Will merging of poor-performing Setas just bring the standards down?

By alanhammond, 16 April, 2009

What will happen to the Setas?

Every five years the training authorities, the Setas, come up for renewal. In 2004 there was talk of radical changes but in the end only two Setas were merged with others.

In October this year we will hear if the Seta system is to be adjusted slightly, or in for a major overhaul.

The Setas representing the financial, banking and insurance sectors were considered for a merger in the last shake-up and this possibility has been discussed this year as well.

But as far as the financial Seta Fasset is concerned, both management and stakeholders are happy with their Seta as it is.

Will it simplify the system to merger the Setas into a fewer, larger organisations? Or will mergers lead to lowering of standards and the loss of centres of excellence, as Fasset CEO Cheryl James argues?



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