Why you want a designation in the Call Centre Industry…

By drwynandgoosen, 3 September, 2013


A designation confirms publically, to your employer and mostly to yourself, what your worth is in the workplace. In many ways a designation is even better then a qualification. This prestigious award is an industry recognition that your skills are what the workplace wants and that you are up to date with the latest knowledge and practice in your field. The designation confirms that you are a top performer and highly employable. Like a qualification, it is something you can actually write behind your name. It simply looks great in a CV too!


One of the after affects of living in the information age is the ever-increasing demand to have the latest skills and to be up to date with the changes in your industry. No longer is it simply enough to have a qualification or to rely on past experience. What happened in the past no longer guarantees that you would know what to do in the future! For this reason, you should always ensure that you are engaged in Continuous Professional Development (CPD). However, fear not, with the designation comes opportunity to enroll in CPD. This, semi structured development plan, enables you to stay ahead of the pack. CPD includes short courses, reading, conferences and workshops. It is measured in points.


The designation is awarded for a period of three years, during which you are guided to maintain your CPD points. The professional body will award points for all CPD activities. For your convenience, we will provide you with free access to so as to enable you to self manage your CPD. However, skillsbook does much more – it enables you to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP). With this easy to use “app” you can store all your CPD points in your very own “skills book”. Enroll for your free subscription, today!


So why are you waiting? Hesitating? Apply for your designation, today…





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