Why the big fuss, it's only Spring

By bronwynnewman, 1 September, 2011

Everyone everywhere gets in a real "TIZZ" when it comes closer to spring.

Even the fashion industry is buzzing with new spring clothing lines in a selection of bright colours and floral design.

What is the significance of spring to all other seasons? What makes Spring so profoundly more alive?

Why do we wish each other "HAPPY SPRING DAY"


Maybe we should look at spring as new beginnings in our lives.


Everyone needs that reminder to search within ourselves.


Let's try to look at spring with a new perspective of who we are as a season:

  • Growing wildly with new ideas
  • Blooming everywhere with a zest for Life
  • Beauty in every challenge or task you might face
  • Wonder and explore every aspect of your being
  • Sense your purpose and persue your dreams
  • Freedom to dance knowing that you are in charge of your life


 So with this in mind, let me end my blog post with a cliché to wish everyone a HAPPY JOYUS SPRING DAY !




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