Why passed Matric exam papers work!

By bronwynnewman, 1 November, 2012

Many students are not aware that the Department of Basic Education have passed matric exam papers on there website.


The reason why I would like to encourage this method, is to basically help you test your knowledge  as well as warm you up to what you might be expecting in the exam room.


The fact that for the first time your teachers are not preparing your exam paper might make you feel intimidated, nervous and even more afraid of the possible questions the department of Education is going to test you on. The last thing you need is your fear of worrying whether or not  your teacher taught you everything you need to know andmost importantly do you understand everything you were taught.


These past matric exam papers will exercise your knowledge and to help you feel more comfortable during the exam. You'd be accepting to be expect the unexpected.


To those who don’t have internet at home it is healthy to take a break when studying, therefore i would liek recommend you take a walk to your nearest library and logon for FREE onto DBE website.


Examinations Past Exam Papers


Mind The Gap



Have you heard of TeacherWeb teacherweb  great opportunity for Grade 12 resources on all subjects such as;



  • Physical      Science
  • Life      Science
  • English      HL
  • English      FAL
  • Mathematics     
  • Math      Literacy
  • Business      Studies
  • Economics     
  • Accounting     
  • Geography     
  • History     
  • CAT
  • Consumer      Studies
  • Afrikaans      HT
  • Afrikaans      EAT
  • Natural      Science
  • EMS (GET)




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