Why HR matters more than ever for business


By chantelharris, 19 August, 2016

We can’t overlook employees as people first. Businesses that do not respect their staff face massive loss and underperformance. No one creates an enterprise with the goal of hurting or disrespecting people, of course. But it does happen. A key way to prevent this is to have proper human resource management. More businesses are recognising the need for it, given labour laws and basic decency – since we can’t expect business people to manage an entire operation as well every person’s needs, to an individual degree, at all times.

This would be unfair to the business, which means everyone loses out. Furthermore, business leaders might not be the best people for staff to speak to. HR is increasingly being recognised as important.

What happens with ineffectual HR?

Martin Nillos, writing on LinkedIn, points out: “Poor human resource planning has an immediate and long-term impact on organizational functioning, employee recruitment and management policies and corporate profitability.”

After all, HR management is, according to The Balance, about “background checking, benefits administration, training such as sexual harassment training, temporary staffing, and the production of employee handbooks, policy manuals, and affirmative action plans.”

We can see that handling any part of that will have repercussions. For example, not taking seriously what goes into an employee handbook means staff take longer to understand the company and their roles. Ignoring harassment means staff will leave, since they’ll feel their concerns are not being recognised. Indeed, work will suffer as a whole since these are elements vital to a sense of security.

Prime opportunity for careers

Doing HR well benefits every company. Looking at it from a pure business perspective we can see how companies benefit. Effective managing of people and their concerns means everyone functions well together, leading to greater productivity. Who would not want that?

If we want to have an edge in the work environment, then it might be wise to consider human resource management courses. This is both ideal for those beginning their careers and more experienced individuals. Managers can benefit by virtue of knowing what works for HR, since this means knowing how to effectively deal with staff.

And a secure, happy staff is a productive staff – making for a productive, secure business. Ignoring HR interventions and improvement is basically scoffing at a sure way to improve a fundamental aspect of the business.

To that end, it might be time to either hire a proper management consultant firm or get involved ourselves.