By wilmadevilliers, 24 September, 2012

I was telling my husband this morning that there are so many people that think I am ‘crazy’ to continue my studies at ‘this age’.  I am enjoying it most of the time and I am doing it for myself.  It is the same as work, most of the time I enjoy my work.

I stopped working when our first child was born and started working, not for money, but because I ‘missed’ working.  I quote the following:

"Even though women emphasize monetary needs, money is not the driving force behind their workforce decisions.  Yes, money plays an important role, and women want to find work that pay what they consider a fair wage for their efforts.  But I found that they also stay employed when they find work interesting, when it provides a sense of accomplishment, when it allows a good job-family balance, when it garners recognition and respect, when it includes the possibility for advancement, and when it can improve their family's social position." (Exchange Every Day, 24 September 2012).

The interaction with people from different fields, cultures, languages, gender, etc., etc. is very interesting.  It keeps me on my toes and challenges me in many ways. Almost every day there is a new challenge (not always a challenge, but sometimes a PROBLEM!) and it makes life interesting. I am not saying that I enjoy every single second and that there is nothing that I do not enjoy about my work.  From time to time I wish I could stop working, but after a while I will think:  “What am I going to do all the time? Do I want a calm, but boring life?”

What I would like to do is to do ‘free lancing’ and say ‘no thank you’ to jobs that I don’t want to do.  Until then I will make the best of where I am currently working and focus on all the positive aspects.



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