Why Can't The Man On The Street Learn To Speak ?


By michelleshippel, 17 April, 2014
 One of my favourite musicals "My Fair Lady" has always had, and always will have, a great and very positive impact on both my life and my work. Funnily enough, I was even referred to by one of my many clients as "the Fair Lady." The ability to communicate and express oneself genuinely, whether through a musical instrument, vocally, artistically or through dance has becoming increasingly challenging and without the basic tools in order to do so, this ability may possibly never be mastered. Now of course not everyone is artistic. Not everyone has the luxury of learning to play an instrument or to develop and nurture an acting talent. However, everyone is given the opportunity and basic tools to learn how to speak and express themselves through verbal and non- verbal communication. This is taught in schools; by parents and for those who may require, through professional teachers and or therapists. 

Being able to string a sentence together or recite a phrase can be done by anyone as long as the basic skills have been acquired. However, in the world of work, where constant "boiling, bubbling, toiling and troubling" happen, you will need to up your game! Why you ask, is it important to express yourself genuinely through different modes? Well, I will not answer this question for you, as the answer is obviously within you. However, I will give you examples of people who should have taken this opportunity and would have been the better for it.

Some time back, I was introduced to a gentleman who was a regular professional speaker. He decided that he needed a few sessions in order to extend himself. However, as a result of some personal troubles, he had to quit his training. Of course, he was making progress. However, had he continued with his training on a constant basis, he would have achieved what he wanted to, and far more. In other words, nurturing and mastering your communication skills is an art in itself, that requires time, patience, energy and continuity. The time factor has always, understandably, bothered people, however achieving personal goals takes time and frustration can raise its ugly head. In this case, and let us assume we are focusing on voice exercises, just stop what you are doing and take a step back. Personal development can be aggravating, but do not get disconcerted. Relax and see things for what they are and allow yourself the time to develop and work on yourself properly.  

Currently, as we know it, the world is slowly coming out of an economic crisis. This unfortunately means that the skill allowing people to genuinely and properly communicate is packed away in a box, stacked away in the cellar of your enclosed mind and forgotten about for many years, until it becomes too late to seek out this assistance or even to do anything with this ability. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade? If self development is something that you seek and is needed, then it should be sought after straight away. You have one vehicle in this life and it is your body; treat it well, respect it and make sure that you are given the attention that you need not only from others but from you yourself as well, otherwise you become of very little use and maybe even a hindrance, in extreme cases,  to those around you. 

So, what is so important about being able to communicate? This is a challenging question to answer as each person has a different need, reason for wanting to communicate, a different reason for the need of self expression. So, as an example we will look at corporates. The corporate world requires that you dress, speak, act and perform certain roles in a particular way. If you do not fit in with the culture of the company, then it is highly likely that you will not get the job. However, if you are confident; have excellent interpersonal skills; you have a good understanding of your area of expertise; your body language matches what you are saying and you can speak eloquently; then it is more likely that you will excel at both the job interview and the job itself. Of course, there is so much more entailed when it comes to being able to speak well and have good body language. The "Talkwell" side focuses on how you move those facial and other organs in order to be able to pronounce words correctly and clearly. You see, it is not enough to just be able to string a sentence together and just utter the words. Communication is the intricate weave of clear speech, emotion, word usage and word order, confidence, facial expression, pronunciation and of course knowledge on the topic.

Should you find that any of these areas are lacking, then it is most likely that you are in need of guidance and assistance to improve your communication skills. Give yourself the attention you deserve. The return on investment may not necessarily be financial. However, the ability to communicate and connect confidently is your key to unlocking the door to you future successes.