Who is to blame?

By vanessadavidson, 10 May, 2011

With the fracas between DHET and SETAs regarding delivery, this e mail received from the Merseta paints a different picture. After DHET and Merseta...where does SARS hold some accountability in this debacle? Once again industry and "stretched" staff members must find information for the umpteenth time .. taking them away from their real work. To add insult to injury this information comes 5 months after the fact!

Vanessa Davidson


Dear Stakeholder,

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has been experiencing IT challenges that has  lead to it being unable to provide the levy file since December 2010. This levy file shows the breakdown of levies collected per  employer and levy number and forms the basis on which we pay mandatory grants.  merSETA is therefore unable to process and pay mandatory grant from December 2010 levy month.

The SETAs and DHET have decided to apply alternative methods to gather this levy information by requesting the information directly from employers. merSETA hereby  requests your assistance in this matter.

Kindly send to us the following information for the months of December 2010, January, February and March 2011

1.    EMP 201 submitted to SARS

2.    Proof of the amount paid.

Kindly scan and email this information to  [email protected].

Please show the LEVY NUMBER and EMPLOYER NAME on the subject line of the email and on each document sent.

merSETA regrets the inconvenience caused and will continue to pursue the matter with  Department of  Higher Education and Training.


Grants Administrator




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