What is the procedure to change a Qualification NQF level?

By sylviahammond, 29 November, 2023

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO)  is responsible for the development of occupational qualifications, which are submitted to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for registration on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The 21 Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETAs) work with the QCTO, providing sector specific input to required qualifications, part qualifications, and skills programmes.

The QCTO has issued a letter of concern arising from multiple emails received where skills development practitioners and providers are discussing alleged changes to the existing NQF level 5 Chef qualification. 

Please see attached copy made of the distributed email from QCTO. Note the email has been edited to remove names - other than the QCTO and NAMB officials involved in the correspondence.

There is a correct process when stakeholders believe that an NQF level change is necessary for a qualification, for example: when there are  technological changes to a production process, 

To commence the process, approach the relevant SETA, who then advise the QCTO.

The QCTO assumes overall responsibility for the qualification review process.  Review involves major changes, such as raising or reducing the NQF level of a qualification, or if there are simply minor changes to be made, this does not comprise a full review, merely a "cosmetic" editing process.

The QCTO with the relevant SETA invite stakeholders and subject matter experts to attend meetings to discuss the required changes. 

Please check the QCTO website for the status of qualifications, part-qualifications, and skills programmes that have been developed and registered

Where ill-informed, or unsubstantiated rumours are spread, Skills Development Providers, who invest in preparation to achieve QCTO accreditation to deliver QCTO qualifications, become unnecessarily concerned. Additionally, learners who are enrolled on qualifications become concerned about the validity of what they are being offered.







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