What is happening with the NQF?

By wilmadevilliers, 2 March, 2013

I have reported before on the decision by higher education not to recognize the Level 5 Certificate or the Level 5 Diploma in ECD as an entry level to the Bed Degree:  Foundation Phase.  Up to the end of 2011 students with these qualifications were allowed to enter the Bed Degree and continue on the career path in ECD.  In the beginning of 2012 we were informed that it is no longer recognized as an entry requirement.  Students first had to complete a generic Level 5 ABET-qualification of one year.  I e-mailed various people regarding this matter; promises were made to follow it up …. A year later and nothing has happened.  The N6 National Diploma of which 18 months consist of in-service training with no supervision and it can even be home-based (e.g. day mother) in-service training, is recognized as an entry requirement. I will not say too much about the fact that this qualification is in many areas outdated, because it is many years since it was revised, before the SAQA qualifications were implemented.

I have not checked it, but heard yesterday at a meeting the N4 National Certificate in Educare is recognized on the NQF as a level 5-qualification.  Hearing it is shocking enough, I don’t want to check this, because I still hope that the information is incorrect.  Let me share a comparison of three aspects regarding these qualifications with you:



6 months

18 months

Focuses on children younger than 2 years

Focuses on children from birth – 6 year olds

Has been revised 6, 8, 10 (not sure) years ago

Has been revised about 3 or 4 years ago


The next step for SAQA Level 5 Certificate (18 months) and Diploma (2 1/2  years) ECD students will be first ABET (12 monhts), the degree (4 years) OR the Level 6 qualification that will be implemented in January 204 (full time 3 years and part time 4 years).

That is why I’ve asked the question:  What is happening with the NQF?  Please tell me my facts are wrong!



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