What is happening with the CETA skills levy processes for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012?

By ashwellglasson, 6 June, 2011

Request: Update on the CETA ATR 2010/2011 submissions and WSP submission for CETA 2011/2012.

With CETA also under administration there seems to be a huge gap in communication on the skills planning processes. Please could someone assist me with a contact and an update on what is the process for the ATR submission to CETA for 2010/2011 and the WSP submission process for 2011/2012. I have not had any feedback from CETA itself and the online data-management system seems to now be offline or not accessible. Any news inputs, guidance or assistance would be highly appreciated!


Thank you very much.


My best, Ashwell



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