What did you want to become when u where little? Do you still want to become that?

By bronwynnewman, 24 August, 2012

I recently spotted this question on twitter from Northlink College and it got me thinking of everything i wanted to pursue when i was young and to search my passion in so many directions it was endless. I was all revved up, full gear.

I ended up doing nothing i was passionate for or felt strongly enough in my bones to fight and say that this was what i wanted to become.

Reading novels and watching progams had a huge influence in my career choice.

My dreams and ideas ranged from;

1. Gospel Song Writer

2. Marine Biologist

3. Social Worker

4. Joining the Navy

5. International Au Pair

6. Photography

7. Human Resources

8. Psychology

9. Nurse

10. Midwife

11. Police Officer

12. Detective

Thankfully i did not waste any of my parents money studying half way through any of this, but i often wonder about each and every careers choice and think, should i pick one and study this further?

Is it to late to be and fullfill my passion in whatever it is i feel drawn to?

Will i find myself placing my dreams and passions on my children? I have asked my children to fullfill one dream of mine and that is to walk them through the corridors at the University of Cape Town.

I must say that children today are more focussed, my son is 13 years old and i asked him what is his passion and dream and he told me exactly what he was going to studying and what he wants to do and where he wants to travel. I was AMAZED! No super hero strories or fantasies, not even a i dont know? - WOW! Proof of how the 20th century generation has evolved.

As bizarre as some of my long listed dreams were they were real at the time when i was growing up and now as i get to a point in my life feeling brainlocked and self driven by implementing my passions in my daily work to substitute my lack thereof, I feel a sense of 'peace' and a 'maybe' and 'hopefully oneday' and 'it is ok'... My future generation will be my salvation!



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