What Can Public Speaking Do For Your Business?

By adelehowell-pryce, 28 August, 2011

Would you love people to think of your business name first when they are looking for the product or service that you provide?


Then you really should be using Public Speaking as your marketing tool!


Public speaking and positioning yourself as a Topic Expert is possibly the quickest and most effective shortcut to position yourself as an expert in your industry.  I can tell you that it certainly helped me to build my coaching practice over the past 12 years.


Why is it such as great marketing tool?  Well …….. think about all the time that it takes you to find 5 new clients.  The phone calls, the emails, the time sitting face-to-face promoting your business, the follow-up’s etc.


Now imagine a different scenario.  Simply putting the word out that you will be sharing information about your speciality – your area of expertise.  A hundred people – who live and work locally – pitch up to hear you talk.  You have ½ hour to talk about your area of expertise and answer a few questions at the end.  How easy is that!  You have just impressed 100 people with your knowledge and immediately become the go-to expert in their eyes.


So …… how many of them do you think may eventually become your clients?  Or – how many other opportunities could arise from that one simple talk?  It is like doing your whole month’s marketing in the space of just 1 hour.  If you have done a good job, there should be people ready to come and chat with you further after the speech.  Ready and pre-disposed to do business with you.  Wouldn’t that be great!


Now imagine doing that on a regular basis.  No more chasing clients …. Just a short talk to a group of interested people …… then follow-up the leads that arise.


Just think of the clients that may also come to you later, even a year or so later.  They heard you talk, kept your business card or your information that you gave away at the event – just wating for the moment when they were ready and able to hire you.


So ……. If you want to become know in your Industry, want to become a “star” in your industry and build your business massively this year….. then public speaking is the way to go!


What are you waiting for?  Make it part of your marketing this year.



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