What brings positivity in the workplace?

By chantelharris, 10 June, 2015

We generally work best when we feel comfortable and happy about what we do. Unfortunately, we’re not always happy and we’re not always comfortable with the work we do. Don’t expect the best work ever from a disgruntled employee, you may be in for a surprise if you underestimate the feelings of an unhappy person at work. A positive attitude brings about a positive amount of work flow.

Open communication

A transparent form of communication addresses the employee’s need to feel that what they have to say is of value. Open communication bring about a sense of belonging in the workplace. If employers don’t take into consideration the feelings of their workers, the worker will in fact be left feeling isolated. Always leave open the lines of communication for them to feel included and part of the family. Work for them will then become meaningful because they know that what they contribute affects the organisation that they are affiliated with.

The balance of life and work

There has to be some sort of balance between work and personal life. Work around employees having to take work home with them. Yes, work needs to get done and it is a priority, but the worker’s personal time should not mix in with their work time. If co-workers already work in close proximity to one another, such as in the case of a control room design layout, then that’s already too close for comfort. Everyone needs their own space and time to breathe. Going home at the end of a long day without any extra work to be done, is already a sigh of relief.

Give recognition where it is due

It’s not necessary to hand out an award. A simple verbal recognition by the supervisor is all that is necessary to spur the employees’ motivation and confidence. When hard work is suitably rewarded and duly recognised by management, employees will feel appreciated and know that what that the effort they put in is not in vain. This kind of mentality is healthy for the organisation because employees will be willing to go the extra mile without thinking that their efforts will not be noticed.

Team spirit

Everyone naturally wants to have a sense of belonging. We tend to seek support from our peers and want to feel that we belong to strong group of people in our circle, especially our work circle. When tough times come, the team should come together to deal with whatever problems they are facing. This is when employees will feel that they are not just working for themselves.

Building up positive team spirit is good to have because it motivates and drive the workforce. The team is only as strong as their weakest link, so if that link should slack, there should be reinforcement to uplift that individual. 



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