By moegsienharris1, 25 May, 2010

For those who suggest that I am critical of the system of implenting the Skills Training & Development, the answer is YES! YES! YES!

I am in no way implying that the legislative framework is not workable........... it is of course a system that has been well researched many years ago by good, passionate and committed people emerging out of the "NEW SOUTH AFRICA". I am therefore one of them that can attest to to purpose and commitment.

The system became corrupted by some people who entered the fray of Human Capital Development who do not have an understanding of the background, neither do they have the competencies of applying good governance in the application and implementation in the skills training & development arena. The necessity in developing the Human Capital in our country was as a result of the blatantly unequal and racist education that left the masses of people unskilled without and competencies in meeting the demands of a growing economy. The position after more than ten years in applying a new quality assurance system has not brought about a decent pool of skilled and competent leaders, entrepreneurs and workers that can meet the economic demands.

The environment hasalso been plagued by poor political governance, commerce & industry development and poor investment opportunities due to a lack of business savvy from government, commerce & industry.

One attempts to advocate that the quality, the knowledge and the people skills will emerge from thissector that represent the professionals & experts in developing the Human Capital in order to address the many issues around our emancipation from a poverty stricken society towards a highly effective and efficient entrepreneurial community that can see the many opportunities in employment and towards employing others.

The system of checks & balances and paper work must be substituted more towards practical application and initiatives of the entrepreneurs to be mentored in a manner that will give more confidence in people that are indeed willing to be trained and supported by itsefforts. It is good and well to expect academics to tell us how to get South Africans to work, but government and academics do not get the economic wheels of commerce & industry turning.

Come on guys.......... stop being so gullible and do not wait for government, academics and in some way the powers in commerce & industry to show you the way forward. People centred economies work well in addressing the economic woes of our society. People like to hear capitalism, socialism and communism to flourish as "buzz" words whilst ensuring that we take our "eyes off the ball". We are the experts and professionals that will work against all attempts in getting significant numbers of people to drive our growing and effective economy to work and we will reap the rewards of a non racial, non sectarian, justice for all, and a fair society that are responsible and have respect for others.

Knowledge remain in the hands of those who live a good value system, who cares for the wellbeing of our nation and our neighbours, who share the wealth of what we have reaped in a manner that will ensure land tenure, decent employment, housing security, sufficient food and a little bit left over for further development. The power is in our hands and the responsibilty of better opportunities for our children rest with us.



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