Update on Amsi And Associates cc

By dessquire, 20 August, 2013

Following a very beneficial meeting with Lance and Cheryl of Sakhisisizwe Projects I am delighted to advise we have agreed to form a business association. I trust that in doing so you as an existing or potential client can benefit from what we can now jointly offer. 

Sakhisisizwe Projects is a SETA accredited training provider, as is AMSI and Associates cc. Sakhisisizwe is in a position to offer full qualifications, customised learnerships and skills programmes in the fields of business, commerce and management. All of these programmes compliment and add to the range of programmes previously offered by AMSI and Associates cc.  Our combined focus will now be on capacity building through ongoing skills training and a dedicated focus on the development of our clients human capital. 

Full qualifications which we are proud to offer our clients are 

      Hygiene and Cleaning NQF Level 1 – ID 57937

      New venture creation NQF Level 2 – ID 49648

      New venture creation NQF level 4 (SMME) ID 66249

      Information Technology – End user Computing Level 3. ID 49677 (Fully equipped training centre in Glenhazel

      Business Administration Services NQF level 3 – ID 49648

      Contact centre operations NQF level 4 – OD 71489

      Management NQF Level 3 – ID 83946

      Generic Management Level 4 – ID 59201

      Project Management level 4 – ID 50080

      ODETD Level 5 – ID 50334

      Real Estate level 5 – ID 20188

We will be offering the NQF level 5 ODETD qualification in six distinctive segments to facilitate attendance duration. In addition we will be in a position to offer RPL for ODETD candidates also based on six specific skills groups. For further information contact Des Squire - [email protected] 

RPL workshops will be conducted in all major centres based on interest and need. Contact me for more information.

Should you have an interest in any of these qualifications



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