UNISA vs SETA accredited training providers

By nduduzomakhanya, 1 February, 2015

Dear colleagues

I'm a year old into the development and training field and I have been conducting non-accredited workshops and although, I completed the Facilitate learning 5 day course, I still have a lot to learn, therefore kindly excuse my ignorance. I will get there over time, hopefully.

I would like to do the Assessor course in a month's time or so and have been looking around at ETDP-SETA Accredited training providers and have been keen on a particular one in Durban until I saw their prices which were almost double the prices of other providers. After some net surfing I discovered that UNISA, does offer course which to my untrained eye seem to be the same as the one provided by SETA accredited training providers. A plus to enrolling with UNISA for me is that they are a well recognized institution and they are also cheaper. However, I'm not sure studying through them will be the right way to go in this particular case due to these questions:

1. What will be the implication of me studying through UNISA in terms of being registered and accredited as an Assessor with the SETA or SETAS (which conjures up a questions of its own)?

Actually that's the only question I have so far?

Here is a link to UNISA's Assessment course:

Thank you



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