Understanding and learning from failure


By dessquire, 13 May, 2011

For some unknown reason I have been thinking about failure and its meaning for some time. Perhaps it stems from my personal failures, the way I feel right now (dispondent) or it may even be associated with the failures we hear so much about in our current government.

What ever the cause I am of the opinion that failure is merely an opportunity to learn, it is a way of beginning once more.

Winning is something that happens all the time. We do not do things right sometimes or once in a while we do them right all the time. Winning must become a habit but failing can also become a habit.

John Salak says there are two kinds of failures - "those who thought and never did and those who did but never thought". 

I believe our government is currentlyt trying to do so much but with little thought. They are doing things for the right reasons in many instances but are just not thinking them through or doing them correctly. It's time our politicians took stock and changed thinking.

Success comes from looking for opportunities and circumstances that exist  - if they do not exist or if we cannot find them then we must create them. Perhaps I am getting more cynical as I grow older - I find myself paying less attention to what people say I rather watch what they do.

With the elections at hand why not ask yourself - what have the politicians said and what have they done? 

Vote with your head and not your heart - but whatever you do USE YOUR VOTE.