Ultimate Puzzle - ALT(Mx)

By anthonykreiner, 2 July, 2009

Test your right-brain skills. I am offering a FREE Brain Profile to anyone who can solve the puzzle at Ultimate Puzzle

The challenge you face is to discover a thinking process linked to the ancient mysteries: the Green Language, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Kabbalist's Daath. There is an innate language of thought, a right-brain heuristic, that is part of the puzzle and the key to your higher mind.

Right-brain R1 thinkers have the best chance of success for they have a preference for thinking in the quadrant where the necessary synthesis takes place to solve kōans.

A kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement containing aspects that defy rational understanding, yet accessible to intuition. Kōans reflect the enlightened or awakened state: confounding the left-brain rational thought in order to switch over to another level of awareness. Zen practitioners meditate on kōans during meditation using critical analysis to validate an experience of insight (kensho) or awakening.

It is our hypothesis that every 'download' of unconscious material contains a message that is encoded in a parallel language of thought. What makes this the ULTIMATE puzzle is the potential to tap into unconscious knowledge, making this a creative thinking system.

If this all sounds a bit too far fetched, a skill too far, then ask yourself how speed reading works. If one reads at say 15000 wpm: where does the data go, how is this data processed, and how do we retrieve it as knowledge? In what language do we think?



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