Turn cold calls Into Gold Calls

By bronwynnewman, 21 December, 2012

Turn cold calls Into Gold Calls is a book written by internationally acclaimed Training Professional, Clive Price plus co-author and entrepreneur, Jean Dean. It is "a pivotal book", in the words of Brian Jeffrey, a renowned leader in this field. "This is more than a what-to-do book - much more. It is a ‘how-to-do-it’ book that outlines, in precise detail, what you need to do and how, to get and stay ahead of the game."

This booklet shows you how to penetrate the defence mechanisms of an overworked busy 'prospect'. In this day and age, where there is a proliferation of SPAM calls and junk communication and, it has become harder than ever for the serious sales professional to get their voice 'heard' in the global chatter. This is not only a disadvantage for the salesperson but also a huge disadvantage for potential prospects and customers, who are missing out on great products and services.

Turn cold calls into Gold Calls will help you learn and enjoy this winning formula and avoid the typical pitfalls that salespeople make, ensuring that your time is used efficiently and wisely and that every 'suspect' is either turned into a 'prospect' or, equally important - deleted from the leads list!

There has NEVER been a more important time for salespeople who cold-call to find genuine prospects, to make sure that they know and can harness the secrets and techniques of prospecting. BEFORE picking up the phone, pick up this book, and benefit from the full potential of the time spent making a first impression and getting the attention of your potential buyer.

Cold calling is an endeavour, which rarely affords a second chance and a 'right first time' approach is highly recommended and detailed in this book, which is in essence an entire training course in 'prospecting'. Once you read the graphic description and instructions, your approach to finding qualified leads will be much more successful.

You will learn how to hook potential clients who are genuinely interested in buying your products and services by following the step-by-step guide of what to say and, more importantly, what not to say.

This book is a must read for anyone in business."><img src=" here to be Directed to Amazon 



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