Trying a New Venture

By amandavandermerwe, 8 April, 2009

To those interested,

Throughout the years, I've learnt a lot. Every time I made a mistake or wrong choice I took the positive. That's how you learn, making mistakes - if you don't make mistakes how can you grow? My motto in life is "you can", try everything (except Bungi Jumping and Sky Diving).

I have attached some photos of my New Venture (biggest one ever) I took on in 2007. I started a NPO Training Centre for the unskilled and unemployed people in the Lwandle and Khayelisha communities. Did all the right moves, had highly qualified Facilitators and Assessors, applied for Accreditation, funding requests to Government Bodies and entities for SED contributions, everything. Eight months later I had to close the doors because no-one joined the party. Sitting alone with a Registered NPO and R500 000 debt.

Moral of the story? First get the money in the bank before trying anything.

I have done many other ventures with great success, but got bored easely, simply because there was no challenge in it. It's the first time that I have found my match! Skills Development within organisations and throughout South Africa. Keeping the statistics in the background (not even realistic figures), it's amazing how the scares and critical skills grow and the money coffers of the departments of government even grows bigger.

A simple example is that the basics of terms spoken by the Acts differs from Government Departments, i.e. Black is black within DTI but not with DOL. Women is a designated group within DOL, but white women is not recognised by DTI. With the Seta's you can train anyone, but with DTI only black employees are recognised. This all mean that you have to run two seperate training budgets within you company if you go the Seta route and become BBBEE Contributor.



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