Transformation of the Skills Training and Development Landscape


By moegsienharris1, 14 May, 2010

It is my strong view that specialist in the human capital development landscape need to openly and collectively voice its support for the next phase in developing education & training that talks to a National Human Resources Development Strategy (NHRDS).

If it does'nt do this with expert knowledge of developing a sustainable and measureable national economy that talk to various economic sectors, it is as doomed as what the result was in the education skills training and development arena over the past 10 years. We require economic and business skilled people to serve on the Boards of Sector Education & training Authorities and this goes across the various representation of business and labour on these extremely important positions. The Board compositions must include officials from various government department that must take responsibility for Board decisions to talk to the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) iii.

Only when board members and executive office bearers understand their roles and responsibilities can the necessary authority be given to them, and may I add the fiduciary responsibilities and accountabilities. The criteria that must be presented to the authority on higher education for consideration and appointment of board members and executives must include knowledge and understanding of quality assurance, risk management, financial & accounting savvvy, strategy & processes, health, safety and environmental, communication, public finance, human capital development, and competency based education, to list but a few.

The necessary skills and competencies in management & leadership are non negotiable for the success and advancement of a sustainable economy. The leadership and leadership talents in business, government and civil society isat its weakest and need rapid development if we wish to succeed in an environment of national and international importance. No one wants to invest in a country or organization where there exist poor leadership & management of people and wastage of resources.

The poorest of the poor in our country is increasing and the pressure on our limited leadership and resources is not assisting the notion of a "Better Society". We as the experts in human capital development need to come out of our safety and comfort zones, stop playing the micro game and be heard in the macro training environment where ministers in government, "academics" and some "labour representatives" are once more abusing the skills and development landscape to no betterment of our society. The crisis in developing our behaviour in a loving, caring and responsible society are critical developmental areas that require urgent attention. We need to openly assist in building acceptable behavioural patterns in civil society and in business practices.

What need to be done immediately are for people with business and entrepreneurial savvy, finance, human capital, economics, marketing, commercial and legal experts to take the lead by responding to the Minister for Higher Education to be involved in avoiding a catastrophe in our economy.

The experts on economic, management and leadership, strategy and processes, and business planning need to take on the challenges and opportunities to upskill and develop our leadership in our wonderful country, in order for the "Rainbow" nation to emerge successfully. There are very serious challenges for human capital development experts to emerge from their comfort zones and to help and to support the many opportunities.