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TA 101

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change. It is a profound way of understanding how and why people think, feel and behave as they do. It also offers simple and effective tools which enable people to become more self aware and discover new options to enrich their lives. It is applied in the fields of psychotherapy, education, counselling and organisational development.

The TA 101 course is the officially recognised introductory course in TA. It takes place over two days, covering the international syllabus and including the following concepts:
• Understanding personality and behaviour
• Communication skills – Transactions
• Interpersonal recognition – Strokes
• Understanding and addressing relationship patterns – Games
• Using and misusing feelings – Rackets
• The unconscious foundation of life patterns - Scripts
Participants in the 101 Course receive a 101 Verification Certificate and qualify to apply for membership of the International and South African Transactional Analysis Associations.
For more information on the TA 101 course contact Marguerite Sacco Turner (CTA)(O) at [email protected]



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