By moegsienharris1, 12 May, 2010

Do we really believe that government has been well informed on the transformation of skills training & development?

It isapparent that the universities and universities of technology is well on its way in helping to build the national skills base in line with the objectivesand purposes of its mandates. It is also significant to note that the school systems are also moving towards the same objectives and purposes. What are the concerns and issues around getting the SETA's "WORKING" for the benefit of "SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT" and one of the beneficiaries is "A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL"?

The issues around the causes of poor performance are numerous and include:

- The selection and nomination of SETA Boards require the Ministers attention.

- Quality Assurance require generic competencies and the establishment of a single QA entity.

- Appointment of SDF's, Assessors, Moderators & Verifiers based on their expertise and competencies acquired professionally and through service to commerce & industry.

- Place more responsibility & emphasis on Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Government and Economic Forums and entities to play their roles as Champions in Sustainable Economic Growth & Development that "talks" to the National Human Resources Strategy".

- We as experts with Human Capital Development knowledge and the "know how" need to recognize and commit ourselves to the development of the necessay human capital in order to grow our society and country. We can no longer be bystanders for small training opportunities but to raise our profiles through aggressive involvement in the sectors.


Moegsien Harris.



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