By moegsienharris1, 12 April, 2012

The growing need to have a well developed and competent, skilled workforce is slowly deteriorating to the extent that our economy is suffering as a result of not training employees for the job nor for its succession planning.


It is more about compliance to labour legislation as opposed to increasing our economic output, improved quality and in generating better wealth for all.


Training have focused more on learnerships / qualifications on paper as opposed to getting people more involved in practical training aswess as in understanding the macro & micro economics that affect all of our daily lives. It is my view that it is becoming a mess and if training providers and Colleges want to make money at the expense of an ailing economy, now is the time to cash in.


I actually despise myself for saying these things but one really need to measure the performances of those entities of state that require to serve our learners in order to allow them access to the labour market, you will not hesitate, but to agree with my sentiments.


The Economic, Finance and Education Ministries need to give far more attention in getting our labour force competent in line with the economic expectations as we can ill afford to allow foreigners to do the jobs necessary for more South Africans to be employed. Our nationals are just not equipped to tackle the problem in filling essential positions required to service our economy and perhaps thank our foreigners that our helping us in filling these positions.


Many of the other government departments are feeling the pinch in being unable in filling positions and find it difficult to perform optimally. These are serious indictments that require urgent attention if we want to successfully comply in meeting our labour targets over the next twenty years.