Training and Conference Venue Hire

Are you looking for the perfect place to host training courses, seminars or business meetings? Finding a training room or conference centre with the facilities you require can be challenging.

Here are some tips on meeting room hire.

A site inspection can help you make the right decision when searching for the perfect venue. Make sure your event checklist covers these four points the next time you are asked to source a venue.


Think about where the site is based and where your guests are situated. If the venue is far from where the guests are coming from make sure that there are public transport options. Parking will be a concern for those travelling by car, so find out if there is suitable on-site parking and if it is free.


“The venue’s maximum capacity will vary depending on the type of seating arrangement you choose”.
Consider all the functions you will need to carry out on the day of the event. Elements such as a registration table, display space, break-out area, VIP room or catering space should be taken into account before deciding on a room.

Look and feel

Guests will likely be spending a considerable part of their day in this space and the look and feel of the venue will contribute significantly to the overall experience. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create? For example ‘clean and bright spaces motivate guests during the day’; however darker spaces are required for PowerPoint presentations. Look out for elements like lighting, temperature and room layout and ensure that it meets your event needs.


“Don’t be afraid to ask logistical questions”. Investigate site policies on early access to the venue, delivery and storage. It would be a good idea to find out if there are any additional fees for these kinds of support services.

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