There is strength in numbers

By rochellelowakombou, 3 August, 2009

Ok, guys, I feel better now that I know I am not delusional.

The toyi-toyi suggestion was a "joke". One needs to have a sense of humor when dealing with such frustrations.
On a serious note though, I am sure we can get a response in a more civilised manner. I think we should organise oursleves in a professional forum, such as this one, and present our frustrations to the relevant heads of the different ETQAs. One thing I know is that they are equally frustrated with their internal processes and staff performance.

Our efforts could result in a more stringent approach for internal staff training, which would also be good for business.

I have just recently joined the skills-universe, so I am ot sure about the next event, etc.
Allon, perhaps you can lead here??




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