The work life of an HR person


By chantelharris, 9 August, 2016

The human resources (HR) department has their plate full with all kinds of daily enquiries, especially if they’re part of a mega organisation. Whether the HR department is part of an outsourcing company or they’re based in-house, the need to remain consistent in enforcing company policies. This is the department that looks after the employees and sees to the working conditions of each person.

They keep an eye on employee retention

The human resources department also has the mandate to keep a watchful eye on employee retention. If too many employees are leaving the company in a short space of time, an investigation needs to follow. Investigating employee retention will give insight to possible shortcomings of a company that may have gone unnoticed. The HR person has undergone human resource management courses to pick up on any discrepancies. Their position in the company is also to retain existing employees. Hence its responsibility to ensure employees feel secure in their roles, adhere to protocol and carry out company directive. A winning strategy for keeping employees content is a balance between remuneration, company culture and incentives

Recruiting new employees

The HR person is in charge of sourcing new recruits for the company. They manage the hiring process, set up meeting with candidates and running them through what is expected of them. The HR person and the hiring manager will usually be together during an interview. While the hiring manager conducts the interview, the HR person will be the one to answer any questions the candidate may have about the company. They will also work with the hiring manager to decide whether or not the candidate is a perfect fit for the company.

Keep up productivity

An HR department is a needed one in any business. They ensure fairness and cohesive team work take place within the organisation. Their mandate is to have an overview of productivity levels to ensure processes are operating efficiently, then they need to establish the cause of problems that have led to low levels of productivity. The role of the HR department is to investigate what causes low productivity levels and then come up with effective strategy to implement to different departments within the organisation. The HR department is the blood stream of a company. They need to pump enough blood to each department to keep it going.