The Power of Understanding Leadership Styles


By joshuamakena, 23 October, 2009

What makes a good leader? Is it their personality? Is everyone a leader? Are leaders better than each other?

Leaders are not better than each other. Everyone is a leader, some people just dont know what kind of a leader they are, hence they are playing to their strenghts. Leaders are born. My reasoning is based on the fact that everyone is born with a particular social style, Yes we all at some point learn to change our social styles temporarily when the circumstances require. Depending on your social style, you will be effective as a leader in your compatible enviroment. The following are known different social styles:

1) Analyticals (Logical and Exacting)
2) Drivers (Independent,practical and dominating)
3) Amiables (Dependable,Supportive,Pliable and Open)
4) Expressives (Animated, forceful and impulsive)

The analytical for instance are very effective in the detailed enviroment like systems implementations and accounting enviroments, they therefore tend to be strong leaders in these enviroments. Can you put an analytic to run a marketing business, NO. The Expressives on ther hand are impulsive and animated, they are typical marketing or branding leaders. Its about understanding what social style you are born to be, and chosing the right enviroment to play as a leader. Joshua Makena is a CEO of South African Black Owned Management Consulting firm called GrowthPlatform Advisory Services.