The child of promise!

By tshavhumbwathenga, 21 February, 2012

When baby South Africa was born in 1994, many in the country and even on the continent were overjoyed with the arrival of the "promise  child".  Throughout the history of the people of Africa, there had been stories told and untold of the hope that this child would bring to the people of the land. It was no surprise that when she was born  Africa reverberated with joy, as finaly the great Gods of the Land had delivered the much anticipated Messianic child. Indeed a child was born, the new age had began for the people of Africa. It was the rising of the African sun.

South Africa had been freed from her decade long labour pains, baby South Africa was born! and the people of the South marvelled in pride, and intense joy!

Almost fifteen years since her majestic birth, the royal princess has degenerated into a delinquent. She has turned her back on her commission -  to unite Africa, to fend for her own people, to care for her ailing mother who had laboured in intense pain to bring her forth. She has become selfish and arrogant. She has let her people down and has entered into a self destruct mode. She has bore illegitimate children. She is squandering her wealth - what a whore she has become!




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