The birth of Christ

By dessquire, 23 December, 2016


A virgin child was chosen

From all the human race

To wed a man called Joseph

Who took the Spirit’s place

The child that Mary carried

Conceived before they wed

Was destined from the start of time

To lead the Christian race


Conception of the Spirit - not of mortal man

The start of God’s great plan for man

This plan had been foretold


Joseph was not worried

He asked, “How can this be”?

 An angel told him what was true

His destiny fulfilled


In faith he married Mary

A virgin child, his bride

No consummation - still undefiled

They lived as man and wife


The birth took place in stable bleak

No bed - she lay on hay

Christ was born, as scripture said

The prophets had foretold

(Matthew 1:18-22)



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