The Annual Budget Speech following the State of the Nation address by Honourable State President Jacob Zuma.


By moegsienharris1, 16 February, 2016

"When you lying awake with a dismall headache and repose is tabood by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose without impropriety" .................

Now is the time to change direction and forget the nonsensical that follow after both of these announcements. Professor after professor of economics, political science, and the financial fundis will be there to help you in your stress and anxiety by overcoming the "bull" and to give the masses of people a sleeping pill. It depends who are footing the bill for all the professionals who will overnight become television personalities, motivational analytical speakers and their challenge is to hoodwink all of us in believing that in spite of all the turmoil, mismanagement and corruption at times life is good under the present administration. Bear in mind that government is government regardless of the party that governs, all public representatives are jointly responsible for the socio, economic and political mess that we are faced. It has become a business to remain politically aligned in parliament as it has a good life-long lucrative pension.

Freedom loving South Africans are passionate about impeccable trust, performance, governance and opportunities for all who live in this beautiful country of ours. All discriminatory practices relating to race, culture and religious intolerance must be abandoned in order to govern with justice, trust and equality. Affirmative Action, Employment Equity, Black Economic Empowerment, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation smacks of racism and have no logic in developing a sustainable growing economy. And this remain our failure as a so-called democracy. Similar types of legislation that are prevalent in other countries have diminished their people and their existence to poor struggling and starving nations. Lots of apartheid spooks remain active in government administrations and this require serious attention, visible change and immediate transformation. The incompetence of public representatives can be seen in how much of public funds are used to pay  for consultants and the many commissions on commissions. These consultants and commissions are reducing our democracy to an almost "begging bowl". Stop calling for more "Indabas" to deal with what we already know is shutting our economy down, and help us to get rid of some of the useless cabinet ministers, MEC's, and ministries that are shamelessly keeping our nation divided.

The challenges that government avoid to address effectively is to bring the masses of our starving poor sectors of our rainbow nation to enjoy equal opportunities in fair and decent remuneration in employment, greater emphasis on education and infra-structure development in the poorer areas, improve the quality of water, energy and health conditions and free and affordable access to these basic needs, safety and security for all including affordable and safe public transport systems. Promotion and development of true leadership, ethics and labour relations focussed on respect for our diverse human capital and accelerate housing development. Allow people to take responsibility and hold public representatives accountable. The ministers on sport, and higher education need to be replaced by people with deeper understanding of the diversity of our society and what will create and develop a much more inclusive growing and sustainable economy for a united South Africa, that is Proudly South African. Sports people and our knowledge economy are the pride of our nation and are ambassadors of our people. It is unacceptable to continue racist tactics when we are proud of our sport and academic ambassadors who represent our dream democracy. The politicians are really out of touch with our youth today and the friction that exist are causing concern to the security of the nation. Black people have no economic control and will remain economically enslaved to the few "haves" that are in control of the stock exchange and financial institutions. I have so much faith in what the governor of the reserve bank says that his focus is to keep inflation below 6 - 6,5%.

What is of greater importance is for the youth to take its rightful place in government, business and civil society and for the "have beens"  to nurture the development of our youth, and God help us to allow our youth to be trustworthy, non racist and of benefit to the development of "One Nation, Many Cultures". South Africa is a crime infected society, one of the most unequal societies in the world, infested with the worst kind of bickering and cheap politicking, and the few oppressive capital and wealth hoarding corporate sector milking a severely poor and almost helpless nation. Every politician focus on Nkandla whilst the nation is on fire. We are however part of the global economies and unless we can address the above issues more effectively, can help us to grow our commitment and trustworthiness amongst the foreign investors and international financial decision makers.