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The Reading Room section is intended for reviews and information on books, journal articles, and Research Reports issued by Government departments and institutions such as SAQA and the QCTO. The intention is to provide updates on publications, with links on where to obtain the documents and publications.

free access to content on , international bodies. y-  information posts, such as legal changes, where documents such as a copy of the relevant Government Gazette can be added. 

The News & Update Forums are grouped as follows:

4th Industrial Revolution

Skills Development

Quality Assurance, Quality Councils, SAQA & NQF, and Qualifications

Sector Education and Training Authorities

Education and Learning

Employment and Labour Law

Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment

Human Resource Management

Professional Bodies 

Government Departments and the Economy.

Within each Group there are a number of Forums. Members are able to create posts under any of the Groups and the Forums. 

Click on Menu on the right hand side

Click on Discussion Forums 

Scroll down the Discussion Forums to choose the most suitable forum. They are grouped under main headings.

Click on the most suitable forum name, and then Click on Add New Forum Topic

In the Subject line, enter what you are looking for or what your post is about

Enter the content of your post in the box titled Body 

and Click to Save.



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