employment equity act


By sylviahammond, 23 August, 2023

Although Employment Equity (EE) and Broad-based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE) are covered by separate laws and have different objectives, there are similarities. 

Both strategies have transformation, economic inclusion, and advancement of those people previously disadvantaged as their overall goal. 

Both implementation strategies require reporting and scoring mechanisms related to people at work, in employment, and both focus on the positions of people who were excluded from full economic activity, and previously therefore - disadvantaged by apartheid laws.

By sylviahammond, 21 August, 2023

The Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) produces an annual report on the progress of implementation by employers of the Employment Equity Act (EEA). The report identifies the National Economically Active Population (NEAP). The national population is then compared with representation of previously disadvantaged groups in the various executive and management levels of employers - as reported by employers.

Latest report (23rd published in 2023) available on the following link: