Surviving being Retrenched

By bronwynnewman, 25 July, 2011

So you thought this could never happen to you? Your company has been around for years, production seems fine or so you thought.


Then the economy hits or your company loses a huge client, the competition gets really competitive. There is many possible reasons why a company retrenches.


However, there is also the process of retrenchment that is also stressful for you as well the company.


One also needs to bare in mind the emotional stress and impact it has on the boss. The man who has built his company on a dream. Wanting nothing more than success for his business.


One has to take into consideration the fear, anxiety, disappointment and the loss we all feel.


Is there a survival kit for those who have been retrenched. What are your needs now?


- Coaching

- Mentoring

- Assessment

- Personal evaluation

- Interviewing skills

- Confidence

- Goals


Do you start form scratch like someone who has just finished matric. Where do you stand?


Before you got retrenched you felt you had a future. Your career was pursuing itself and you new it had to lead somewhere right? Wrong


Do you reassess yourself, your value, your skills as a person.


Does this make you less of a person being jobless?


Does anxiety, insecurities tend to make you feel you not worthy. How do you pick up the pieces of having to start at the bottom.


Do you find yourself in a process to accept anything whether it be fulfilling or a passion. 


How will you get a job, where do you start?




Do you take this time out to rethink, where are you suppose to be in your life. Clear your mind for a week or two and just relax. I gathered these few personal steps that might help (Not sure if you can call it survival techniques).


1. Let family and friends know you got retrenched.

2. Talk about it with your spouse, express your concern and worry.

3. Have an evening out to just have a breather, example go to a family braai, have a picnic in the park etc.

4. Approach your bank and accounts and find out if you have retrenchment cover - let them know what has happened.

5. Now you buy the career times and visit online job portals eg, jobmail.

6. If you don't have internet at home, go to a library and register your cv on job websites

7. Approach recruiting companies and make yourself available for temping post.

8. Broaden your skills to venture new aspects - step out of your comfort zone and explore new jobs offers.

9. If you have extra money do a short course, seek guidance counseling from a mentor/coach or even a training provider on what course would be suitable.

10. If you don't have a matric, consider seeking night classes at a high school. You can contact your education department for further assistance. 


Take this time to find yourself and make this journey an adventure. Another chapter in your book of life. Let the END of one journey be the BEGINNING of another.


“It is the confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in and new lessons to learn—which is what life is all about.” - Oprah


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