By moegsienharris1, 17 June, 2010

It is a view that designated African, Coloured & Asian South Africans need to emancipate to their rightful positions in the Socio - Economic and Political environments that are now underpinned in our country's demoracy.

The NSDS iii is clearly a means to assist and support the historically disadvantaged in accessing education, skills training & development, whom many of them remain socially and economically disempowered. One of the key elements to the disempowerment of oursociety is the continuous bickering and misleading views and comments expressed through various media and notably by individuals when government and its agencies at least attempt to undue the gross and criminal actions of governments prior to 1994 democratic elections.

One must understand that their existed at least 14 educational departments that were based on race and culture and the gross and unfair imbalances in the spend on a child for basic education was so criminal that it will remain a critical issue for democratic government to balance education in a manner that may be reasonable and fair to all sectors of the South african Society. One can detect from serving various portals and institutions that the opportunities for designated "Black" citizens are being hampered by various restrictions that some individuals are placing on our people. Individuals who are held in responsible positions in Schools, FET's and SETA's must protect the right to fair education opportunities for all sectors of our society, but more attention must be given to those from the historically disadvantaged positions.

Black training providers find it difficult to serve the "People" as a result of "perceived discrimination" in the system of education, skills training & development more particularly obtaining provider accreditation where managers in a position of authority in the system.and in institution of learning are not equipped in dealing with diversity or remain geared in a discriminary mode.

It is perhaps necessary to put in place an Ombudsman to deal with discriminatory practices in education, skills training & development institutions that do not comply with Affirmative Action (AA), Employment Equity (EE), Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, neither have so many individuals who remain entrenched in what is supposed to be a non racist, non sexist education & training environment, emancipated away from the historical past. One of the major reasons for the slow pace of transformation is the reluctance of a few people to accept democracy, fair play, justice & equality for all, and more so to acknowledge that there are many highly skilled and competent educators and facilitators of learning prowling the "townships" and squatter camps and assisting and supporting enhancement and further development in education and training of those who remained disempowered. It is for this reason that I am in full support of interventions that will allow sanity to prevail in order for progressive advancement in our sustainable economic growth & development of all sectors of our society.

One keep on hearing what is going wrong in our country, but I admire those who have taken on the positions in business, government and civil society that have total commitment to creating a free, fair and just society that will serve all the most beautiful people of this universe. I openly ask you to join all free loving South africans who are committed to the new founded democracy for our country and its people. I can live with a government in the making that is trying its level best to serve the people as I like many others will carefully watch any actions by those who want to remain in a power position as they are not placing themselves out of the position of sharing & caring for a better society.



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