By moegsienharris1, 20 August, 2010

One of the main reasons for the introduction of training & development is to get people upskilled and competent for jobs.

We find that there are many unemployed people and more particularly matriculants who are now job seekers. The unfortunate scenario is that many people have not the foggiest idea on preparing a curriculum vitae (CV) as a tool when they go job hunting. In other words many a job seeker is unprepared and it therefore stands to reason that more of us must assist and support job seekers with developing a CV or at least a profile of who the person is,with details of address, contact details, educational background, previous work experience etc.

The information will help a "would be employer" in assessing a person for an opportunity or a potential job. The job profiling or a CV also assist the job seeker in self assessment as well as assisting a potential employer to create the opportunity for an employee in further training and development in order to meet the current or future skills requirements of the job or the Organisation.

The economy is certainly geared towards sustainable economic growth and development, and it depends on how well we can match our human capital and other resources that will make economic sense to all of us. SETA's work from aSector Skills Plan (SSP) and this plan can only be as good as what we put into it as our own research in understanding economic as well as sustainable growth in commerce & industry over a period of time.

Let us therefore place emphasis on a well structured CV for job seekers and assist and support those in need of an opportunity by training "would be" job seekers in developing a well structured, good informative and focused CV that will give impetus to getting job creation on a good wicket. Get the mind set of all of us right as it will also support training providers and trainers to do what is right.



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