Subliminal Conditioning within Institutions

By anthonykreiner, 2 December, 2009

Laing said psychiatry is an institution which like families, are groups whose members are ‘pledged to resist and stifle insights and tendencies towards human growth that might threaten their own power and expose them to attack from without.’ Strange as it may seem, Laing said one should not expect psychiatry to support liberation which I take to mean individuation. According to him, institutions use mystification and manipulation to condition their members, and so effective is this that the members even condition themselves when there is no management around. He makes us aware of the deeper problem of a false consciousness at the heart of institutions.

Laing held that groups possess two complementary means by which to guard against the perceptions of reality, which are censorship and ideology. He believed the primary function of censorship is not to keep information from outsiders, so as to forestall attacks on the group; but to keep it from group members to forestall their possible apostasy.

One should explore the degree to which telepathy plays a role. Telepathy can be defined as a power of knowing what is happening at a distance’, or ‘the communication between people of thoughts, feelings, desires, etc., involving mechanisms that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws.’ Also called thought transference. Now if we look at the evidence based on twins, and take our own personal experiences into account, then we should be asking why we are not talking this obviously innate mental faculty more seriously? Most people experience it in small things such as reaching for your phone to call someone just as they are calling you, or thinking about switching on the radio only to have someone do it for you …

The synthesis points to a network of minds, to the interconnectedness of everything, to Gaia. This is significant because it directs us to acknowledge the link between the mother goddess and our psycho-perceptive potentials. Is it possible to conceive of how telepathically transmitted thoughts are a form of subliminal conditioning linked to the false consciousness of groups; The notion that my thoughts are influencing the behaviour of another at an unconscious level is not new but this links our thoughts to negative conditioning within groups.



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