Student Laptop Initiative represents a massive saving to students

By sylviahammond, 3 December, 2011

The following is copied from the UCT ICTS site :- 

"UCT is a participant in the national Student Laptop Initiative, which was negotiated with two hardware vendors by the Association of South African University Directors of Information Technology (ASAUDIT) and the purchasing consortium (PURCO) for South African higher education institutions.

The Student Laptop Initiative will allow staff and students at participating South African universities to purchase personal laptops at greatly reduced prices.

Which vendors were selected?

Acer Education (selling Acer products) and Pinnacle (selling Lenovo products) have each made 4 models available, ranging from a basic netbook to a top-range laptop.

The  vendors have each created a website to facilitate online purchasing and all orders must be placed directly with the vendors – UCT will not be involved in the procurement process at all. The vendors will manage the entire process from initial purchase right through to after-sales support and warranty cover. 

What’s the deal?

  • Staff and students at participating universities are allowed to purchase up to 2 laptops a year at significantly reduced prices.
  • Students will achieve a further saving of approximately R1 200.00 as the laptop they purchase will be pre-installed with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.  (This offer to include Windows and Office software may be extended to staff members at the vendor's discretion.)
  • Accessories, upgrades and extra warranties are also available for purchase."

 If you are a university student, check whether your university is participating in the scheme.  These are links to the two sites:  and which has a student login facility where you enter your student number, date of birth, and institution.



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