Strive to Be Your Best!

By janholtzhausen, 16 May, 2011

I read this interesting story from an e-book today, and it got me thinking. It went like this:

The Tale of Two Bricklayers


 An observer watched two bricklayers working. One was lively, worked hard and enthusiastically. The other one was slow, lazy and passive. When the observer asked them what they were doing, the lazy one’s reply was: “I am laying bricks.” The hard worker’s replay was: “I am building one of the most beautiful hotels in the country. One day I will be a builder with a crew and build beautiful hotels. I will be able to afford to take my family on holidays and stay in hotels like this one.”


So which one of the two bricklayers are you?


If you are the lazy one then I would strongly recommend joining Be Motivated Today and reading some of there wonderful products they have. If you are the lively one, well then good for you! You are on your way to success. As long as you keep up the enthusiasm. So many of us just sit back and accept life is what it is, no matter how unhappy or unsatisfied we are. We make ourselves believe that our circumstances are out of our control and maybe we are paying some kind of penance for something.


But the truth is that we ALL have this incredible power within us to be everything we desire to be. We can have everything we want, be as happy as we want and it is all within us. You just have to believe.


Do yourselves a favour, if you feel like you are lacking in any part of your life, and you have this inner yearning to fulfil this gap in your being that you have. Join Be Motivated Today and discover all the techniques to unleash your full potential.


To your success.



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