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By tassschwab, 5 April, 2016

When will companies or new Training Service providers realise that when wanting to go the Accreditation route there are NO SHORTCUTS. A few weeks ago I write a blog about people usually taking good care when it comes to buying their car but actually don’t seem to care about the quality of the Training Material OR bother going the route of getting an expert in to help with Accreditation.

I wish there were a really good English version of “Goedkoop is Duurkoop” (Penny wise/Pound foolish)

What are the essentials for gaining Accreditation?

Really TOP MARKET Training Material

Does the training material contain the following –

  • Learner Guide
  • Learner Workbook (formative assessment)
  • Learner Portfolio of Evidence Guide (summative assessment)
  • Facilitator Guide with Memorandum
  • Assessor Assessment Guide with Memorandum
  • Assessor Feedback Document
  • Moderation Plan, Guide and Report
  • Curriculum Strategy and Alignment document

We have over 400 Unit Standard aligned programmes and over 44 Qualifications to choose from. And if it is not on the list, we will develop it for you and make it customised to your environment. 

 SLA that clearly states your rights and what is promised to you

It is common for Service Providers to have their cheap training material returned from SETA, only to find that the developers have vanished. Make sure the SLA is looking after you. 

If your developer has vanished I can help you repair the material. So drop me a line if you are in the lurch.

What YOU are responsible for before submitting to SETA

  1. Company registration
  2. Proof of going concern – Financial statement
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate (original)
  4. Business and financial plan (we can help with this)
  5. Organisational structure
  6. Matrix for facilitation, assessment and moderation
  7. Facilitator/Moderator documentation – (we can source but its up to you to make the agreement)
    • CV
    • Certified copy of ID
    • Qualifications

QMS - Our Expertise

This is where so many fall flat on their faces, DIY QMS documentation, and fumbled applications. We have developed fail safe templates that we use to customise your QMS. As you can see this is A LOT of hours that someone will spend doing and then still getting it wrong. Lets help you!

The following is a recommended framework to meet the requirements for a desktop compliance check:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Organogram
  • Quality Policy
  • Review Policy and Procedure
  • Learning Programme Design and Development Policy and Procedure
  • Staff Selection and Development Policy and Procedures
  • Learner Entry, Guidance and Support Policy and Procedures
  • HIV/AIDS Policy
  • Assessment Policy and Procedure
  • Moderation Policy and Procedure
  • Appeals Policy and Procedure
  • RPL Policy and Procedure
  • Offsite/Worksite Management Policy and Procedure
  • Financial Management Policy and Procedure
  • Administration Policy and Procedure
  • Records Policy and Procedure
  • Strategic Management Policy and Procedure

How about considering using us to help you with all of the above. Stop wasting time and really get in the Experts to help. Connect today!

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