By wilmadevilliers, 21 April, 2015

We are busy with a RPL pilot project.  There is no stipend attached to the project because one of the criteria is that learners must be employed. They do not have to pay for the course and get all the learning material for free.

The learners were very excited when they were informed that they were selected.  At orientation they were informed that there will be no stipend but only a transport allowance of R200.  It is now interesting that 8 of these learners are no longer interested or have other commitments. However, they then all requested to put their name on the waiting list for the next learnership intake (stipend is attached to learnerships).  Only one person was honest to say that she did not know that there was a stipend attached and therefore she will rather wait for ‘something’ where she will receive a stipend.

I have been working so long in the ECD field but it is still disappointing and shocking how the learners demand more and more.  For some of them the stipend is the motivation. Fortunately it is a very small percentage of the learners.