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By bridgettwhyte, 1 November, 2011

We live in the ‘information age’.  Wherever you turn something or one is vying for your attention feeding you content and a sales pitch.  Just like now J.  How do we begin to decipher what is true, real, or pertinent, what actually applies?  Certainly there’s not enough time to keep up to date with all local, national and global news.  And why would you want to?  It’s mostly bad which certainly isn’t good for mental or emotional health.   It would be impossible to research all the new modalities, techniques and workshops on offer no matter how good.

The majority would agree good communication skills are imperative to improving our business or personal lives.  The better we are at communication the more successful we will be.  But where does a person begin if keen to improve their communication or any part of themselves?  We also know it’s important to be more positive and have a positive attitude.  Many people I’ve come across state they are positive yet almost only speak negatively without realizing it.   Communication skills are the same, many of us think we’re good communicators yet are we?

The starting point of all communication, actions and the world we are creating, is our internal communication with self.  Quantum physics has proven our thoughts create our world.  Most know this or have heard it.  Yet, do we know where our minds are most of the time?  Are we aware of the negative thoughts such as, I’m tired, I can’t do that, I’m not smart enough, I don’t feel well etc. that influence our actions?   These only touch on some of the conscious thoughts there are countless unconscious ones and limiting beliefs that are affecting our behaviour, actions and feelings each moment!

Every creation starts with a thought.  Actions stem from thoughts or feelings.  A thought can create a negative or positive feeling.  A good or bad feeling in turn will create good or bad thoughts.  The bottom line, most of us let thoughts and feelings swirl unconsciously not fully linking them to the fact that they are completely dictating our actions and feelings – basically the life we have created to this point in time.

We need to do something to help ourselves and each other out of the mess the world is in; escalating crime, poverty, HIV, war, pollution of precious natural resources like, air, water and earth.  Who doesn’t want to make a difference yet where do we start, with so much to do?  Wonderful if you belong to a movement for change, such as the Occupy Parliament/Wall Street demonstrators though don’t we also have to work to improve ourselves and how we communicate with each other?

The answer is simple – because it starts with each one of us in our thoughts and feelings.  Once we take control of them we empower ourselves to do the right thing, which leads to more of the same and soon our whole world has changed and we are the ones making a difference.  Of course it may not be easy though I can assure you it’s more than worth the effort.

See for yourself, learn how to make a difference and BE the Change YOU Want to SEE in the World.

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