Start 2017 with a business training course


By chantelharris, 3 January, 2017

In a couple of days it’ll be the start of a brand new year. Everybody spends a lot of their time making New year’s Resolutions and often times they’re very personal. You’re going to stop eating junk food, go to gym, spend more time at home, read that book you’ve been tackling for the past year and so on. However, the better idea is to make some New Year’s Resolutions that will affect your professional life in a positive way. Ever considered taking a course? Business training courses can assist just about any working professional but if you’re in a human resources (HR) position or gunning for a management role or you planning on starting your own business in the new year, then now is the time to upskill yourself.


Do it as soon as possible


In fact, you should enrol and begin your course as soon as possible. This will give you a headstart on the year. Especially if you planning on starting your own business. This is because beginning something new, whether it’s a new business or position in your company it takes time to set up and get used to. Plus when starting your own business you need to set up legalities such as trademarks, patents and copyright laws. This will take time and there’s a  bunch of red tape that needs to be handled. Gaining a keen understanding of everything that you’ll need to sort through is a good headstart on a successful year ahead. Similarly, if you’re preparing for a management role then gaining a head start on your competition is good too. If you’re an HR practitioner then keeping up with business structures, procedures and new trends is vital to your success. In fact Harvard Business Review recently published an article on how HR and marketing could learn from each other. Mark W. Schaefer wrote,


“I’ve never heard of HR using influencer marketing, but why not? When people seek information about a company, who are they most likely to listen to? How do we connect with those important online personalities in a meaningful way so that they become advocates for our company? I realize most of these ideas are untested. But at least to a marketer’s eyes, existing HR recruiting practices are so behind our digital times that there’s little to lose in trying them.”


Possessing the right skills to make your business or new role a success is crucial


The only way to know what’s necessary for success is by completing a business training course as it will outline all the necessary details around running a business or a team. As a business owner, manager or HR practitioner you need to know about employee dynamics, different marketing strategies, management systems and processes, intellectual property guidelines and so on.


Business training courses often include a business plan training course that’ll explain exactly how to set things up. These courses will also offer an understanding of how to improve efficiencies in the work environment. These are skills that can be imparted to your team easily and will offer them excellent guidance on how to excel in their specific designations. If you want your company to start 2017 with a bang then preparing for it through these types of courses are vital and will give you the know-how on how to move forward. All business training courses will assist with improving productivity and standards which will in turn result in goals reached.


HR should definitely pay attention to what business training courses can offer


As Ruth Mayhew writes for Small Business Chron, “Human resources departments have traditionally been viewed by employees and leadership as merely operational areas with limited input in employment functions beyond hiring and firing. Since the 1980s version of personnel administration, human resources management has transformed into a department with greater influence on employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. As a strategic business partner, human resources management can continue to carve out its rightful position as an integral component of the business. Inclusion of HR management in strategic business planning improves employees’ and leadership’s perception of human resources.”


As an HR practitioner you’re likely to have responsibility for the workforce’s key performance indicators so you need to have a clear understanding on how to increase levels of competitiveness, customer satisfaction, profitability and further have a positive impact on the company’s reputation and profile. By imparting this skillset to the staff you’re likely to reduce inefficiencies, staff turnover, absenteeism and you’ll increase the prospect of new recruits.