Spotting the emotional intelligence of an interviewee


By chantelharris, 11 March, 2016

An emotionally intelligent team of employees adds to the success of the company. Hiring managers not only need to focus on how well a potential employee will fit in with the company values and company culture, but must also consider the candidate’s emotional intelligence. The hiring process going forward needs to implement this factor as it is vital in the growth and success of a company. Leading questions and informative answers from a candidate will provide any hiring manager with insight to their emotional intelligence.

Here are a couple of questions to ask a potential new hire:

Who do you look to as a role model and why?

The answer to this question will give the interviewer a peek into the aspirations of the candidate. An interviewee who looks up to an influential person is certainly someone who will mimic good behaviour and try their best to improve themselves.

If you were to start your own company, what would be your first three values?

Knowing which values the candidate esteems higher will give the interviewer insight into the candidate’s priorities and what they deem as important. Honesty and integrity are the most important answers that’ll speak volumes during an interview.

When company’s priorities take on a new direction, how would you direct your team in the change?

Priority shifting may not often happen, but the candidate who shows the ability to adapt quickly and is flexible to change, is one that should be considered. Flexibility is a strong trait to possess and would showcase that the candidate is self-aware, motivated and can work well in a team. If the candidate possess the skill to adapt, but lacks emotional intelligence then the company can send them for Emotional Intelligence Training Courses.

Walk us through how  you would handle a difficult client or handle conflict in the work environment.

Their answers will reveal a lot about themselves. This is the perfect opportunity for a hiring manager to see whether the interviewee thinks before they speak. The candidate should be able to thoroughly think about the subject presented before them, as this will show that they won’t simply tackle a task head on without knowing logistics first. The candidate that has the technical ability to explain something to a person who is less knowledgeable in the subject, is one worth hiring, especially for a client service position.